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Tulum, Mexico: Pause. Relax. Reflect.

Talks on the balcony about past lives, current loves and spiritual growth.

Discovering the history of altars built and sacrifices made to the gods.

Mid-day naps.

Delicious food by the water…so much water.


Put your phone down. Those work emails can wait. Seeking peace? You’ve found it. Welcome to Tulum.


Our journey into this peaceful paradise began with checking into the hidden gem that is LiveTulum. Positioned on a quiet street right in the center of town, this 3-story condo hotel gives visitors an intimate, at-home feel with an authentic Mexican experience. There was so much love and personality put into the décor, that we couldn’t help but feel welcome.


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After admiring our living arrangements, we spent a day discovering the beauty of Tulum’s turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. There is no better way to center yourself and feel God’s presence than to sit by the Ocean and watch the waves come in. Whether the plan is to lay out and get bronzed or find a quiet spot with a view to dine, Tulum has some of the most gorgeous beaches in the Yucatan Peninsula. Papaya Playa Project, El Paraiso and the clothing-optional beach at the Azulik Eco Resort and Spa are just a few to get you started.


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We managed to pull ourselves away from the beach and step into the mysteries of the 13th Century at the Mayan Ruins. These well-preserved majestic structures that overlook the Caribbean coast were once a site of worship and political activity for Tulum’s inhabitants. But you don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy the scenery. Check it out!


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Sometimes we need an experience that allows us to pause, relax and reflex. For me, Tulum was that stillness, that serenity, that breath of fresh air that I needed.


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Tulum Tips:

1.) Bug spray is your friend. The mosquitoes are RELENTLESS! Don’t say you weren’t warned.

2.) There are no straight flights to Tulum. You have to fly in to Cancun and the drive to your destination is 2 hours. Book a private car service or take a cab. A shared shuttle will save money, but it will delay your trip and cause unnecessary frustration.

3.) While our hotel was beautiful, Tulum has huge Airbnb properties by the ocean that you can rent for much cheaper than a hotel or resort stay. If you want to save money, this is the way to go!

4.) Here are a few restaurants I loved:

Gitano- One word. SEXY! It gives you a romantic, date-night feel.

Mivida- Delicious tapas food overlooking the ocean near the Azulik Resort. Perfect for lunch or dinner. Thank me later!

Papaya Playa Beach Club- A laid back outdoor restaurant with seated wooden towers over-hanging the beach and a live DJ (depending on the time of day).

5.) DO NOT leave Tulum without visiting the late drug lord Pablo Escobar’s vacation home (Casa Malca)! It has been completely renovated, turned into a luxury hotel and is a total work of art! RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED.


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