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Are You a Travel Snob?

Are you a travel snob? You might be one and not even know it. Whether it’s a conversation on social media or at the dinner table, there are always one or two people who have a tendency to make comments that come across as slightly offensive because others haven’t seen the world at the level that they have. You know the kind. They’ve been “jetsetters” before the black travel boom occurred and now they know everything there is to know. How Sway?

Every travel experience is relevant, special and necessary. And no matter the length or the destination, the lessons we learn along the way are what are most important. In case you’re not sure if you’re a travel snob, I’ve compiled a list for you to use to check in with yourself to see if you’ve been guilty of any of these five things:

1.) You Look Down on Budget Airlines

Disclaimer: Even I’ve been guilty of this. The fear of flying with a budget airline and having something go wrong haunts me often. (I wrote about why in a previous post). With that being said, it is important to understand that everyone may not have the means to travel with a major airline—especially if a last minute emergency arises. The decision to fly with a less expensive airline is a personal choice that should be respected. Plus, if you’re traveling to a place that is only a few hours away, it’s not so bad. I’ve even heard of people getting lucky and scoring last-minute, one-way flights the same day at the ticket counter for as low as $20 bucks! The moral of the story: Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. And if you have tried it and found it’s not for you, let everyone else travel on a budget in peace!

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2.) You Believe International Travel is Better than Domestic

I get it. You’re trying to help. You want to encourage people to see more of what the world has to offer. But making comments like “Oh, Miami, Atlanta and Vegas are so passé” is not productive at all! A local experience can be just as enriching as getting a passport stamp. Furthermore, just because you’ve experienced all that the U.S. has to offer (which I find hard to believe), doesn’t mean that everyone else has. We have to allow others the freedom to see the world at their own pace, in their own way and trust that eventually they’ll venture out. But even if they don’t, understand that it is their personal journey. Not yours.

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3.) You Meet Travel Inquiries With Judgment

The more experiences you have, the more you should be willing to educate and inspire those who are new to travel. And there’s nothing worse than someone who is being asked for travel advice and gives responses that are filled with unnecessary condescension. Years ago, I inquired on Facebook about lodging at a particular destination and was shrewdly met with a response something like this: “Google is your friend! You clearly don’t have a passport asking a question like this!” I was obviously taken back by the answer I received, but more importantly it taught me the kind of traveler that I DID NOT want to become. For me, there is an excitement that comes with not only seeing the world, but sharing the knowledge I’ve gained with others. We should all have this mindset. Remember, something that is second nature to you may not be to someone else. And even if you feel inclined to refer someone to google, there’s a way to do it. The bottom line is: BE POLITE!

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4.) You Think Hostels Are Bad

Many people have bought into the misconceptions about hostels. Whether it’s believing the myths about their cleanliness, their only catering to young people, their privacy issues or safety concerns, almost all of the things we’ve been taught to believe about hostels are completely false. People from all walks of life stay in hostels. They also offer private rooms in some parts of the world and many are quite fancy. The idea that they are strictly for 21-year-olds who decide to backpack through Europe couldn’t be farther from the truth. A lot of this false information not only prevents people from seeing the world, but it instills unnecessary fear. I want to encourage anyone who is interested in staying at a hostel to educate themselves before booking a trip. If you do the proper research, you may end up with a rewarding experience and an inexpensive stay.

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5.) You Don’t Believe In “Quick Getaways”

“It’s not a real vacation if it’s less than five days.” Really? There are various reasons why people decide to take shorter vacations. A new job, children, a heavy workload and limited off days are all contributing factors. Nevertheless, while having the luxury of a two-week getaway is great, a two-night stay can also be just as instrumental in helping us recharge and come back to our regular surroundings refreshed. Quite a few of my vacations (both domestic and international) have been less than a week and they’ve all been the perfect combination of relaxation and exploration. Vacation isn’t always about long stays in five-star suites. Sometimes it’s just about being able to unwind—even if it’s for a short period of time.

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