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The Love of Food and Travel

“Create a life so good, you don’t need a vacation to escape from it.”

But an escape (whether near or far) has the ability to enrich our lives so much more than if we had just stayed in the comforts of our own home. How else would we find the missing pieces of ourselves?

The magic of our ancestors.

The history of delicious food used to nurture souls…prepared from the scraps slave masters left behind.

Native tongues and accents that give warm feelings on the inside.

A vast array of complexions that serve as mirrors and reminders that I am beautiful. I am LIGHT. And I am not alone.

I travel to find the pieces of me that have been lost and forgotten. I travel in search of the pieces of me yet to be discovered.

Traveling has taught me how to trust.
How to be open to taking risks.
How to appreciate the little things.
But most importantly, it has taught me how to pause and be present.

When I visit foreign lands, take pictures and speak of my experiences (be it in the blue waters of Barbados or the colorful huts of the Dominican Republic), my hope is that others will be inspired to step out of their comfort zones and travel as well.

And evolve from just “vacationers” to “explorers”.