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5 Tips & Travel Destinations For Beginners

I often meet people who say that they want to travel, but have no idea where to go or how to get started. Many believe it’s too complicated. Some are afraid to fly. Others want to travel solo but worry about their safety. If you’re someone who feels that they’re clueless about travel, but would love to branch out and begin exploring the world, this article is for you. There is no need to be fearful or intimidated because there are practical ways to get started, along with cool destination ideas to help you begin your travel journey. All you need is a desire to try something new.

1.Fear of Flying

Many people have a fear of flying, but there are still a variety of options that will afford you the opportunity to see the world. Some of the coolest road trips in the country provide the beauty of gorgeous coastlines, smoky mountains and calming waters. The famous Route 66 is what many believe to be the perfect road trip experience. Cruise between Chicago and Los Angeles and end at the Santa Monica Pier. The iconic route originally known as “America’s Highway” is sure to make for a memorable experience. Another option is taking a cross-country trip on Amtrak.Options range from a route that climbs through the Sierra Nevadas and arrives in San Francisco, to a 14-day tour that starts in NYC and makes stops at Glacier National Park and Seattle before returning.

2. First Time Out of The Country 

Many new travelers hear the word “international” and immediately think that it’s going to be an overwhelming experience to plan a trip. Not so! An online passport application is quick, easy to fill out and costs just $110 (plus the $35 execution fee). If you would like it expedited, there is an extra $60 fee. Find details here: 

While a trip just about anywhere in the world is great for a new international traveler, I’d suggest that Canada is a great place to get your first passport stamp. It’s a quick stop over the border (depending on what part of the U.S. you live in) and is full of great food, fun, wine and culture. Check out the iconic Niagara Falls, go skiing in Vancouver, pretend you’re in Europe and view the 17th and 18th century buildings in Quebec City, or experience the cultural diversity of Toronto.

3. Low on Funds

One of the biggest misconceptions about travel is that it costs an arm and a leg to do it. There are many ways to see the world without going broke. A great way to find travel deals is to be flexible with your schedule. If you’re open to traveling midweek vs. weekends, flights and hotels tend to be much cheaper. I also recommend taking advantage of trips on Groupon, signing up for memberships on travel sites and joining a frequent flyer program to receive perks and discounts. Google flights is one of my favorite search engines to find flight deals. It allows you to look up and compare the best, most inexpensive flight for you without going through the hassle of searching each airline individually. If you’re looking for a cheap destination, Mexico is always the way to go. Places like Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Cancun are all budget friendly beach towns that allow you to survive on less than $50 per day.

4. Looking to Travel Solo

One of the most freeing and peaceful experiences for me has been traveling all alone. Too many times we put off taking a trip because we’re waiting on someone to come along and when they can’t, we pass on going all together due to fear. While there are travel destinations that do require you to be more vigilant (particularly if you’re a woman), this should not deter you from traveling solo. There are a ton of places both local and international that give solo travelers the opportunity to eat drink and explore safely. Santa Fe, New Mexico is the perfect getaway for a solo traveler. Explore the art district, check out the margarita trail or take a day trip to Taos Pueblo (about 70 miles away) and learn about one of the oldest inhabited communities in the U.S. belonging to a Native American tribe. Or if you’re a little more adventurous, travel to New Zealand. It’s a relatively safe destination that provides some of the best extreme sporting activities, 23 miles of wine country and relaxing hot springs just off-the-beaten path. 

5. Senior Traveler

Age is just a number and should never stop anyone from getting out and enjoying all that life has to offer. Many seniors want to see other parts of the country or even the world, but they believe that their time has come and gone. This kind of thinking couldn’t be farther from the truth. Whether you’re retired or still working, be inspired to start creating your first travel bucket list with destinations that interest you. You might also want to consider joining a senior travel group where you can mix and mingle with like-minded individuals and get travel tips and ideas. If you’re a senior who’s never traveled, a great way to get started is by taking a cruise. There are some great cruise experiences that explore parts of the Caribbean, Mediterranean, South Pacific and more. They also provide great food, casinos and activities to keep guests entertained while on board. 

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